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Upon (re-)registration, students pay the fixed component of the payable tuition fees, i.e.:

  • €230.00 for non-scholarship-rate students and almost-scholarship-rate students upon registration with a credit or degree contract 
  • €105.00 for scholarship-rate students upon registration with a credit and/or degree contract
  • €105.00 upon registration with an exam contract 
  • the sum of both if a registration with a degree or credit contract is combinend with a registration with an exam contract.

In the course of November 2017, the tuition fees are calculated in accordance with the selected ECTS credits and taking into account the student's probable scholarship status.
Non-scholarship students are asked to pay the balance within 30 calendar days. A first reminder will be sent in mid-December 2017. A final notice will be sent towards the end of January 2018.
If the student does not pay the outstanding balance within the term stated in the final notice, Hasselt University may unilaterally terminate the admission agreement and the amount due will be collected through a collection agency.

During the academic year, the probable scholarship status must be confirmed by an attestation from the Scholarship office.
Students whose number of credits changes between the first calculation and June 2018 will receive a final calculation in June 2018.

Part of the tuition fees will be reimbursed to students registered with a diploma contract who terminate their studies prematurely. The reimbursed component will be equal to the original amount of the programme components for which the student deregisters. The de-registration must take place before the final dates indicated in the study guide. This proposal is in accordance with the regulations for de-registration as mentioned in Article III.4 of the Codex Higher Education.
The administrative registration fee of €105.00 is not reimbursed upon deregistration.

De-registration for programme components by students with credit contracts does not lead to changes in selected ECTS credits and thus does not lead to reimbursement of tuition fees (Article III.4 of the Codex Higher Education).

Students with exam contracts will not be reimbursed.