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1. The font for the thesis is Verdana 9pt. More information about the layout is available in the ‘Tekstblok-format’

2. The file ‘Koninklijke Bibliotheek Albert I’ should be completed at least 15 working days before submission of the proofversion of your thesis. Send this document to Patrick Carmans ( A unique depot number will then be assigned to you. You need to fill in this depot number on the document ‘information PhD’ (see point 3). Without this depot number you will not be able to print your thesis. Two copies of your thesis will be send by Patrick Carmans to the ‘Koninklijke Bibliotheek’ in Brussel and one copie to the UHasselt librabry (please take this into account when determining the amount of theses you want to print).

3. Download this form and fill in the correct data for the cover, first page, invitations and announcements. Please send this completed file to (subject: Application form COVER dissertation) and this at least 10 working days before submission of the proofversion of your thesis.
Remark: Only for PhDs in Audiovisual and visual Art and Architecture a photograph or drawing can be put on the cover. The layout department can give you more information about this.

4. Print your thesis
The thesis will always be printed recto-verso! Please pay attention that all chapters start on odd pages. We add only the title page in the document. The layout of the other pages is your responsibility!
A proof can be applied for at least 8 days before you need to send your final thesis to the jury members.

Proof: You can apply for a proof at least 8 working days before you need to send your final thesis to the judges. Below (How can I print my thesis?),  more information is available about how you can print a proof. If you load up your proof before 10.00 am, the proof can be picked up the next day at XOD (campus Book shop). The proof is delivered as separate pages for both cover and content (not as a book). If the proof is ok and you don’t want to change anything, send an e-mail to Patrick Carmans ( Mention in this e-mail the amount of theses you want to print.

Final print: Printing your final thesis will take 5 working days. Please load your final thesis up in the system at least 5 working days before you want to send your thesis to your jury members. It is recommended to previously perform a test in order to check if everything is working well.

5. Pages PhD thesis (cover excluded) Black and white or color?

Option 1: You want to print your PhD thesis (not cover) in black and white. Your PhD thesis will be printed in black and white even if some figures, text, tables or …. are in color in your PDF. The price for printing your PhD thesis (not cover) will then be calculated for a black and white print.

Option 2: You want to print your PhD thesis (not cover) in color. Your entire PhD thesis will be printed in color. Our copy machine distinguishes between the pages containing color/grey scales and the pages containing only black. You do not need to calculate which pages need to be printed in color and which pages do not. The price is determined based on the number of pages in color and the number of pages in black.

Remark: The color copy machine makes very detailed distinction between color and black and white. What appears black to you, may be a composition of the 4 CMYK printing colors. An advantage is that the print quality is much better, but the disadvantage is that the printing price is higher. We therefore ask you to take special care to set your layout settings for your font, figures, tables,.. in black and white.

How can I print my thesis (both proof and final print)?

The procedure for printing PhD theses is being revised momentarily. Mid August 2017 the new procedure will be made available. Should you wish to proceed printing your PhD thesis before this date, please contact