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 SAS 9.4 is compatible with the most recent Windows 8.1. but not with Windows 10 (see OS hereafter)

Software category Statistics
License Campus
Use-at-home  Yes 
Installed in PC-room  SAS 9.4 en EG 6.1 op alle pc's in pc-lokalen
Current version SAS 9.4
Enterprise Guide 6.1

SAS is in the process of testing Windows 10 with SAS® 9.4.  Support Status: Windows 10. 

Download  A light version of SAS 9.4 is available for download at  5.5 Gb
Installation Instruction for installation

The SAS installer will create a new version if an earlier version already eists.

License renewal

License file on UHasselt Software Download  .

[Start - All programs - SAS 9.X License Renewal and Utilities - Renew SAS Software]


Current license period: - 14/09/2016