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Contactpersoon: dr. Kim Pannemans

1. Following research seminars are from 12h30 - 13h30 in Bioville

PhD@BIOMED / faculty MLS: part I, February 13th

1. Beatriz Corte-Real presents "The impact of environmental factors on regulatory T cells and autoimmunity"

2. Elien Grajchen presents "Fatty acid metabolism in control of the phenotype of phagocytes in MS lesions"

3. Fanny Van Geel presents "Motor fatigability in the lower limb of patients with MS"

4. Greet Merckx presents "Targeting the endothelial cell metabolism to induce angiogenesis and pulp regeneration"

5. Lisa Van Ryckeghem presents "Acute effects of high-intensity interval training on cardiac function and glycemic control in diabetic cardiomyopathy"

6. Melissa Lo Monaco presents "The effect of dental stem cells and leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF) on cartilage and tendon regeneration"

7. Sofie Kessels presents "Functionally disturbed microglia: a risk factor for neurodevelopmental disorders"

PhD@BIOMED and LCRP / faculty MLS: part II, February 20th

1. Stefanie Verstraelen presents "Age-related changes in healthy human brain functioning in the context of motor control"

2. Veerle Lemmens presents "Patch-clamp fluorometry platform for unravelling the structure-function relationship of the Glycine Receptor"

3. Rut Mazon Cabrera presents "Maternal antibodies as early biomarkers for Autism Spectrum Disorder"

4. Gitte Slingers presents "Non-invasive differential diagnosis of noisy breathing infants and toddlers"

5. Helene De Cannière presents "Development and validation of a cardiopulmonary fitness level index for the assessment of heart failure status"

6. Kristof Smeets presents "The antero-lateral ligament of the knee. Fact or fiction?"

7. Laura Blockken presents "CASCs transplantation as a new therapy to restore cardiac function after ischemic heart failure: where do we stand for the patient?"

8. Ozgur Koc presents "Viral hepatitis B in an EU regional setting: new insights into migrants and vaccine-non responders"

9. Valentino D'Onofrio presents "Fast Assay for Pathogen Identification and Charachterization"

2. New professors started on BIOMED:

Annelies Bronckaers presents "Old and new strategies to enhance angiogenesis"
on March 6th

Joy Irobi, May 22nd

Jelle Hendrix, April 24th

Ilse Dewachter, June 12th


3. Guest lectures

Dr Anish Suri / J&J Immunoscience,
presents "Disease Interception Opportunities in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Beyond: A Drug Discovery Perspective" on March 28th at 12h30