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Om de andere week worden onderzoekseminaries ingericht waarin doctoraatstudenten en postdoctorale onderzoekers de kans krijgen om hun laatste bevindingen voor te stellen. Zowel interne als externe onderzoekers presenteren het onderzoeksdomein waarin zij actief zijn. Deze seminaries gaan telkens door op maandag tussen 12u30 en 13u30 in de seminariezaal in BioVille, de Life Sciences incubator van onze campus.

Contactpersoon: Prof. dr. N. Hellings






Leen Willems (LCRP)

Stimulation of stem cell survival, proliferation and differentiation for endogenous cardiac repair


Noemie Aubert Bonn (morf)

Thomas Matheve (REVAL)

Research on research integrity: Patterns, trends and impact

Technology-supported exercise therapy for patients with chronic non-specific low back pain


Hannelore Storms (LCRP)

Selien Sanchez (morf)

Measuring health literacy among very low literate people: a feasibility study with the HLS-EU questionnaire

Modulating the epigenome by using HDAC3 inhibitors to promote recovery after spinal cord injury


Bojoura Schouten

Jacobine Kuijlaars (FYS)

Chosing a screening tool for psychosocial well-being in cancer care: a balancing act between 'quickly' and 'quality'.

Synaptic efficiency in Alzheimer’s disease: from rat to men


Boris Robic (LCRP)

Cornelia Genbrugge (morf)

Is downsizing still the golden standard in ishemic mitral regurgitation?

Cerebral saturation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation


Jonas Verbrugghe (REVAL)

Hannelore Bové (biofys)

The effects of a high intensity training program on exercise capacity, muscle strength and disease related outcomes in the rehabilitation of persons with nonspecific chronic low back pain

Biocompatible Label-free Detection of Carbonaceous Particles to Assess their In Vitro Toxicology in Biological Environments


extra seminar (11u00-12u00)

MRI in Multiple sclerosis


extra seminar (09u30-10u30):

Advanced optical microscopy in the cardiovasculature of live animals: the microscopic pipeline


Jo Mailleux IMM-BIO

Liver X receptor activation in active MS lesions


Rob van der Straaten (REVAL)

Yörg Dillen (morf)

Ambulatory motion analysis in persons with degenerative knee disorders

Neuroprotective and neuroregenerative effects of neurotrophic enhanced dental pulp stem cells in ischaemic stroke


Sharona Vonck (LCRP)

Martijn Peters IMM-BIO

Screening for gestational hypertensive disorders in early pregnancy.

The Dawn of a New Light: PPV-Based Fluorescent Bioimaging Probes


Jana de Brandt (REVAL)

Joris Comhair (FYS)

Oral Beta-Alanine supplementation (with and without exercise training) in patients with COPD: structural, metabolic and functional adaptations

Intrinsic and extrinsic striatal development in glycine receptor alpha 2 knock out mice


New predocs



New predocs



Thijs Vandenberk (LCRP)

Evelien Houben IMM-BIO

Connectivity matrix for mobile health applications

Oncostatin M-induced astrocytic TIMP-1: the key to central nervous system lesion repair


Anouk Agten (REVAL)

Maxim Verboven (FYS)

Functional and structural characteristics of lumbar paraspinal muscles in healthy persons and patients with non-specific chronic low back pain: the effects of a High Intensity Training

High-intensity endurance training in diabetic cardiomyopathy


Rob Bielen (LCRP)

Niels Belmans (MORF)

Case management in HCV infected people who inject drugs in Belgium.

Dental CBCT in children: In vitro and ex vivo DNA damage and oxidative stress analysis


Daniela Canu (REVAL)

Cindy Hoeks IMM-BIO

Early non-social attention deficits in children at high risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): a systematic review

Aberrant CD4+ T cell subsets drive progression of multiple sclerosis


Pieter Martens (LCRP)

Jirka Cops (FYS)

Topic is metabolic and vascular disorders in heart failure.

Abdominal congestion in the cardiorenal syndrome - the missing link in disease progression?


Bart Wathiong (BIOFYS)

Sören Kypers IMM-BIO

Monitoring and modulation of intracellular fate of nanoparticles for medical use

Inflammatory extracellular vesicles as a tool for personalized risk assessment in cardiovascular disease.


Christophe Smeets

Dorien Deluyker (FYS)

Development of a disease-specific wearable sensor platform for monitoring patients with complex chronic diseases

The role of AGEs in cardiac dysfunction


Daniela Sommer (MORF)

Charly Keytsman (REVAL)

ADAM17 in Spinal Cord Injury

Muscle carnosine concentrations in EAE animals and MS patients: impact of beta-alanine supplementation on exercise capacity and muscle contractile characteristics.


Suzan Wetzels (IMM-BIO)

Eli Slenders (BioFyS)

Advanced glycation endproducts in multiple sclerosis

Nanoparticle diffusion and structured illumination in laser scanning microscopy