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Contactpersoon: dr. Kim Pannemans


1. Nieuwe professoren gestart in BIOMED:

Annelies Bronckaers presents "Old and new strategies to enhance angiogenesis" on March 6th

Jelle Hendrix presents "Dynamic structural biology via fluorescence" on April 24th

Joy Irobi, May 22nd

Ilse Dewachter, June 12th


2. Gast sprekers

Prof Jack Antel / Mc Gill University (Montréal, Canada),
presents "Excellent opportunity to see this internationally recognized MS expert in real life!" on April 19th at 11h30, Seminar Room, BioVille building Abis

Dr Matthew Tomlinson / ESSEN - Bioscience,
presents "The New IncuCyte S3 Live-Cell Analysis System" on April 20th at 12h00, Seminar Room, BioVille building Abis

Dr. Sally Cowley / James Martin Stem Cell Facility (University of Oxford),
presents "Modelling neuroinflammation using human induced Pluripotent Stem cell-derived microglia" on April 24th at 13h15, Seminar Room, BioVille building Abis

Prof Hanneke Hulst / VU University Medical center (Amsterdam, The Netherlands),
May 10th at 9h00
, Room C104, Campus Diepenbeek, Building D