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The target group of the master of Transportation Sciences programme by distance-learning are practitioners: people who wish to combine a job (in the field of traffic safety and/or transportation) with a master programme.

To obtain the statute of practitioner at Hasselt University, a student needs to submit one of the below during registration (beforeĀ 15 October at the latest):
* provide proof of employment of min. 80 hours/month;
* provide proof of employment in a self-employed statute of min. 80 hours/month;
* provide proof of being a job-seeker who is entitled to benefits.

The statute of 'working student' is not applicable to students working their way through college (e.g. weekend work), students in postgraduate courses and Ph.D. students.

If you are not currently employed or seeking employment, we refer you to the regular on-campus master programme in Transportation Sciences. For more information on the regular master programme, please click on the following link: Master of Transportation Sciences