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About the Field Research Centre

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International Workshop at UGT South 21. - 23. October 2015

Lysimeters are a proven tool for ecosystem studies. They are the reference system for matter and energy fluxes in rather undis- turbed systems. Big enough to provide a root space for representative plant stands, they measure precise and detailed enough to describe fluxes at high resolution. Pesticide leaching, and greenhouse gas emissions can be quantified for the well defined lysimeter volume.

Advanced measurement tools allow to separate processesin water and gastransfer, while the lysimeter formsthe integral frame. Isotopic compositions help to distinct sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and detailed sap flow measurements allow to sepa- rate through plants from soil surface fluxes.

The workshop will give insight on the latest research on lysimeters with a specific focus on process separation with modern ana- lysistools. In addition, practical demonstrationsfor lysimeter excavation and instrumentation are given. Online data access tools help to bring the results seamlessly on the desk of the researcher.

More information can be found on the website of UGT GmbH.