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Prof. dr. Dirk Vanderzande (director)

Prof. dr. Marc D'Olieslaeger (vice-director)

Business developer



Dr. Lieve De Doncker


Strategic research managers


Dr. Laurence Lutsen

Prof. dr. Milos Nesladek

Inorganic and physical chemistry (IPC)



Prof.dr. Marlies Van Bael

Prof. dr. An Hardy


Nanobiophysics and soft matter interfaces (NSI)

Biomolecule design group (BDG)

Prof. dr. Anitha Ethirajan

Prof. dr. Wanda Guedens

Prof. dr. Peter Adriaensens

Photonics and Quantum Lab (PQL)

Design & synthesis of organic semiconductors (DSOS)

Prof. dr. Milos Nesladek

Dr. Laurence Lutsen

Prof. dr. Wouter Maes

Nano structure physics (NSP)

Wide Bandgap materials (WBGM)

Prof. dr. Hans-Gerd Boyen

Prof. dr. Ken Haenen

Applied analytical chemistry (TANC)

Electrical and physical characterisation (ELPHYC)

Prof. dr. Robert Carleer

Prof. dr. Jan D'Haen

Prof. dr. Ward De Ceuninck

NMR spectroscopy (NMR)

Polymer reaction design group (PRD)

Prof. dr. Peter Adriaensens


Prof. dr. Thomas Junkers

Energy materials and interfaces (EMINT)

Packaging Technology Centre (PTC)



Prof. dr. Frank Uwe Renner


Prof. dr. Roos Peeters


Engineering Materials & APplications (EMAP)


Biomedical device engineering

Energy systems engineering

Functional materials engineering



Prof. dr. Ronald Thoelen

Prof. dr. Michaël Daenen

Prof. dr. Wim Deferme