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On this page you can find an overview of all the IMOB staff members. On the first tab, you can find the contact persons for al your specific questions. On the other tabs you can find an alphabetic overview of all the staff members. More detailed information (contact details, publications, projects, educational activities) can be obtained by clicking the name of a staff member.

road safety Brijs Tom
mobility Bellemans Tom and Janssens Davy    
behaviour Brijs Kris
road design Brijs Tom
tourism Hermans Elke
autonomy Janssens Davy and Neven An
driving simulator research Brijs Tom
master transportation sciences Hellriegel Patricia
transportation academy Ariën Caroline 
road safety training academics Smeyers Nadine
ABMTRANS Yasar Ansar and Knapen Luk
Business Development Yasar Ansar
Spin-offs Wets Geert
Applied research Polders Evelien en Wets Geert
Executive Board Wets Geert
Operations, Communications & Marketing         Donders Edith
Secretariat Hertogs Kristel
Abed Omar drs guest
Ahmed Shiraz drs guest
Ariën Caroline Dr educational assistant/doctor-researcher
Awan Hammad drs guest
Babaee Seddigheh       dra guest
Batool Tooba dra guest
Bellemans Tom Prof. dr. ir.     associate professor
Brijs Kris Prof. Dr professor
Brijs Tom Prof. Dr full professor
Carpentier Aline dra researcher
Cho Sungjin drs guest
Cich Glenn drs PhD student
Claes Virginie   staff member communication & marketing
Cops Veerle   researcher
Cornu Joris drs guest
Creemers Lieve dra educational assistant
Cuenen Ariane Dr doctor-researcher
Daniels Stijn Prof. Dr professor
De Ceunynck Tim drs guest
De Groote Wendy   communications co-worker
Declercq Katrien   researcher
Dewalque Tamara   secretary
Donders Edith   manager operations, communication & marketing  
Ectors Wim ir. drs. PhD student
Fazal Abbas Baqueri Syed drs. guest
Fekih Mariem dra. guest
Frampton Richard Prof. Dr guest professor
Geraerts Marc   informatician
Gielen Mario dr. researcher
Hashmi Syed Wasim Sohail     drs. guest
Hellriegel Patricia   staff member internationalisation    
Hermans Elke Prof. Dr     associate professor
Hertogs Kristel   executive secretary
Hussain Iftikhar drs. guest
Int Panis Luc Prof. Dr guest professor
Jacobs André   secretary finances
Janssens Davy Prof. Dr university professor
Jongen Ellen Dr    guest
Joseph Chabariko Lucy dra. guest
Khaliq Annum dra. guest
Khan Muhammad Arsalan drs. guest
Knapen Luk Dr ir. researcher
Kochan Bruno Prof. Dr ir.     professor
Koens Anna   researcher
Laeremans Michelle dra. PhD student
Langbroek Joram drs. guest
Lee Won Do Dr guest
Liu Feng Prof. Dr professor
Maes Roeland   informatician
Martins Gomes Monique     dra. guest
Mesarec Beno drs. guest
Mollu Kristof drs. guest
Morris Andrew Prof. Dr guest professor
Neven An Dr doctor-assistant
Nowicki Yasmine   secretary
Nulens Raf   informatician
Pirdavani Ali Prof. dr. professor
Polders Evelien dra. researcher
Reinolsmann Nora dra. PhD student
Reumers Sofie dra. researcher
Riaz Malik drs guest
Roox Dirk   informatician
Ross Veerle Dr researcher
Sam Enoch drs. guest
Shah Syyed Adnan Raheel drs. guest
Shen Yongjun Dr     guest
Smeyers Nadine   secretary 
Stessens Roel   guest lecturer
Urlings Judith dra. guest
Usman Muhammad drs. guest
Van Gool Jolanda   guest
Van Haperen Wouter drs. PhD student
Van Vlierden Karin   researcher
Vandenbroeck Philippe   guest lecturer
Vanlaar Ward Dr guest
Vanrompay Yves Dr doctor-researcher IT
Vanseveren Jan   guest lecturer
Vervoort Jan   guest lecturer
Vuurstaek Jan drs. PhD student
Westbroek Etienne   guest lecturer
Wets Geert Prof. Dr full professor & director IMOB    
Wilmots Brenda dra. guest
Yasar Ansar Prof. Dr professor
Zhou Yanlong drs. guest
Ziemke Dominik drs. guest