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English-taught programme 'Master of Transportation Sciences'


The Master of Transportation Sciences is a multidisciplinary master programme in which traffic safety and transportation issues are approached from different angles. Examples of disciplines are: economics/management, spatial planning, environment, technology and infrastructure, sociology, transportation research, ...  

As of the second master year, students choose their specialization. There are 2 specializations: mobility management and traffic safety. In the traffic safety specialization, students investigate which factors (infrastructure, vehicle, road user) are the cause of traffic accidents and how these risks can be decreased. In the mobility management specialization, students investigate how people can be persuaded to move to a more sustainable travel behaviour. This way, the negative consequences of travel behaviour, such as traffic jams, CO² emissions, etc) are minimized. These specializations are strongly linked to the research domains of the Transportation Research Institute (IMOB), i.e. travel behaviour, logistics and traffic safety. 
In the second master year, students will write a thesis. This will be an elaboration of a research assignment on either traffic safety or mobility.  

As you can see: students of Transportation Sciences are not only focused on events from the past, but mainly focus on current issues and tomorrow's consequences. For more information on our master programme, please go to the website of Hasselt University by clicking on the following link:

Master of Transportation Sciences


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