Master of Transportation Sciences

Master of Transportation Sciences

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The Master of Transportation Sciences at Hasselt University is unique in that:

  • it is a multidisciplinary master programme, with attention for economical, social, urban, environmental and infrastructural aspects;
  • it takes sustainable development into account;
  • it focuses on transportation, as well as on traffic safety in an international context;
  • it is taught by international renown professors from leading universities, specialized in traffic safety and transportation;
  • it includes a 4-day study tour abroad during which students learn about and see the current best practice in solving transportation problems;
  • students and practitioners from different countries exchange information about transport and traffic safety problems, solutions and strategies;
  • throughout an entire semester, you have the opportunity to gain professional experience through an internship;
  • students can choose between a part-time semi-distance learning programme or a full-time on site programme;
  • students in the full-time programme can choose between an English or Dutch study track;