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Through research projects, FWO intends to stimulate fundamental scientific research in all disciplines.

For this financing programme, FWO provides work, gear and personnel funding to groups of researchers so that they can execute a research project. FWO attaches special importance to projects whereby the research conducted is placed within a larger scientific field and projects which prioritise an interuniversity approach.
The research projects are for a determined period, with a maximum of four years, and are renewable for two years. Each project, and in the case of an interuniversity project each institute, can annually apply for personnel and work funding ranging from 40,000 to 130,000 Euro. In addition, a maximum of 150,000 Euro can be request to cover gear. The amount requested during the first year is the highest amount that can be requested for the duration of the project.

A research project which is executed at a Flemish university, potentially in cooperation with another scientific institution.
The project's execution is led by a promoter and potentially in cooperation with one or more co-promoters. A promoter is a ZAP-member at a Flemish university (minimum appointment of 10% with a research assignment), a co-promoter is at a minimum a researcher at the postdoctoral level and is attached to to a Flemish university or research institute. A researcher can be a (co)promoter on a maximum of two projects per application round.

The annual submission date is 1 April at 17h00. Should the deadline fall on the weekend, the deadline is moved to first Monday that follows. An internal deadline will set by the Research Coordination Office annually. For this call, the internal deadline is Friday 25 March 2016.

More information?
Contact Hasselt University: Ilse Haeldermans
Or on the website of the FWO

On 18 February, the Research Coordination Office organised an information session about the FWO research projects and FWO grants for researchers. FWO coordinator dr. Hans Willems will come to inform on the modalities of this call. More information can be found here