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BRAIN-be (Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplanary Networks) is a recurring research programme by the federal science policy which runs throughout the 2012 - 2017 period.
The programme is build around 6 thematic pillars:
- Ecosystems, biodiversity, evolution
- Geosystems, universe and climate
- Cultural, historical and scientific heritage
- Strategies of the federal government
- Important societal challenges
- Management of the collection

The BRAIN-be programme finances two types of research projects:
- networking projects (with a duration of four years and a possibility for projects of two years);
- pioneering projects of a maximum of two years.

For whom?
The BRAIN-be programme is open to the entire scientific community in Belgium: universities, university colleges, public scientific institutions and research centres. 
- Networking projects: min. 2 different scientific institutions participate in a networking project. The participation of a Federal Scientific Institution and cooperation between institutions from both parts of the country is encouraged;
- Pioneering projects: only a Federal Scientific Institution (FWI) can submit an application in the format of a one-partner-project, or in the format of a network of which the FWI is the coordinator.

More information?
Contact Hasselt University:  Ilse Haeldermans
Or on the website of Belspo