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Doctoral School of Sciences & Technology

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The Doctoral School of Sciences & Technology is a joint initiative of

  • the Faculty of Sciences,
  • the Faculty of Engineering Technology,
  • the School for Transportation Sciences.

The Doctoral School Board consists of members of each faculty/School (see below). Prof. Dr Karin Coninx is appointed as director. Together with a coordinator, a PhD and a Postdoc representative the doctoral schoolboard is responsible for

  • development of the curriculum (organisation of courses, quality control)
  • evaluation of the individual program of PhD students
  • decisions about possible exceptions

The coordinator, Dr Stefanie Kerkhofs, is responsible for all communication with PhD students and postdocs, as well as for the coordination of all planned activities.

The director, two vice-directors and the coordinator (Doctoral School Bureau) are responsible for the daily functioning of the doctoral school.

Members of the Doctoral School Board

Director Prof. Dr Karin Coninx
Biology Prof. Dr Karen Smeets
Chemistry Prof. Dr Thomas Junckers
Computer Science Prof. Dr Frank Neven
Engineering Technology Prof. Dr Ir Wim Deferme
Physics Prof. Dr Ken Haenen
Mathematics Prof. Dr Sorin Pop
School for Transportation Sciences Dr Caroline Ariën
Statistics Dr Ruth Nysen
Dean Faculty Engineering Technology Prof. Dr Marc D'Olieslaeger
PhD representative Martijn Peters
Postdoc representative Dr Sumit Pramanik
Coordinator Dr Stefanie Kerkhofs