Doctoral School of Sciences & Technology

Rules and Regulations

Doctoral School of Sciences & Technology

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Subscribe each academic year as a student. Only in the first and last year you need to pay a registration fee. In your last year, you will be contacted by the studentadministration regarding the payment of the registration fee.

Complete your ‘doctoral file’ within 3 months after the start of your PhD. To start a doctoral file, go to the following website: Log in with your student ID and student Password.

Keep track of all your doctoral school activities (You can use this file

Once a year, you need to arrange a meeting between you and the members of your doctoral committee to evaluate the progress of your PhD. Use this form and keep it in your portfolio together with your certificates of the doctoral school

Depending on the contract: In order to extend your contract after two years you need to write a progress report. You will be contacted by the HR department with more information (only for PhD students on the pay-roll of Hasselt University)