Master of Transportation Sciences

Master of Transportation Sciences

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The Master in Transportation Sciences is a 2-year programme of 120 ECTS. Students with an academic bachelor or master degree, other than Transportation Sciences, will have to do a short preparatory programme
Students with a professional bachelor degree will have to complete a link programme (max. 1 year).

Students in the full-time programme can choose between an English or Dutch study track. The distance learning programme for practitioners is taught in English and has a different structure.


A student has to obtain a minimum of 120 ECTS to complete the degree of Master in Transportation Sciences.
120 ECTS equals 2 years of full-time study.

  • 2 compulsory courses: the Internship and the Master Thesis (part 1 + 2)
  • Spread over 2 academic years, students choose between 48 and 72 ECTS from the list of domain specific course units.
  • Students may select a maximum of 24 ECTS from the list of interdisciplinary course units.
COMPULSORY compulsory, 48 ETCS
3031 Internship 18  
3091 Master Thesis part 1 12
3092 Master Thesis part 2 18
DOMAIN SPECIFIC between 48 and 72 ECTS
1958 Intelligent transportation Systems 6
3037 Freight Transport 6
3160 Strategic Project Analysis 6
3161 Study Visit & International Topics 6
SPECIALISATION: MM 3142 Management of Transportation Companies 6
3143 Traffic and Transportation Models 6
3144 Analytical Skills for the Interpretation and Analysis of Travel Demand 6
SPECIALISATION: TS 2222 In-Depth Crash Investigation 6
3145 Road Safety Evaluation: Methods and Applications 6
0599 Computer Intensive Methods 3
0360 Regression 6
1795 Analysis of Variance 6
1955 North-South 3
0366 Discrete Data Analysis 4
1796 Nonparametric Methods 4
1797 Correlated and Multivariate Data 4
1696 Strategic Innovation 6
1721 Supply Chain Management 6
1800 Survey Methods 6
2062 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Organizations 6

// You have an academic bachelor or master degree

If you have an academic bachelor (or master degree) in a field other than Transportation Sciences you will have to do a short preparatory programme. The courses in the preparatory programme will focus on academic and quantitative skills and on basic transportation knowledge to prepare you for the other courses in the master programme.

(for holders of an academic bachelor or master degree)
3212 Introduction to Transportation Research 6
3166 Quantitative Methods 6
3167 Transport Systems & Transport Policy: an Introduction 6
Total  18

Depending on your previously obtained bachelor degree, it may be possible to obtain an exemption for 1 or more courses in the preparatory programme. To see if you qualify for an exemption, your file will be reviewed individually by the admission committee. To start this process, please upload all necessary documents via the online registration form.

// You have a professional bachelor degree

If you have a professional bachelor degree, you will have to do a link programme (available for Dutch-speaking students only).
Dutch-speaking students who have a professional bachelor degree can start the master programme, after doing a link programme. This programme is taught in Dutch at Hasselt University. It is possible to combine the link programme with the master programme.

(for holders of a professional bachelor degree)
1255 Verkeerskunde 1 6
1557 Statistiek voor verkeerskundigen 6
3168 Academische vaardigheden in mobiliteit 6
1259 Verkeerstechniek 1 3
1562 Verkeersveiligheid 3
1763 Modellen verplaatsingsgedrag 3
1257 Inleiding planologie en planning 6
1559 Geografische informatiesystemen 6
2984 Verkeerspsychologie 6
Total 45



If you wish to have more information on the link or preparatory programme in Transportation Sciences, please contact:

Annelies Clijsters Tel.: 011/26.81.93