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Master of Statistics

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Candidates who have been awarded the VLIR scholarship will be informed directly by VLIRUOS Scholarship Administration. VLIRUOS will also take care of the visa application and will make travel arrangements for the trip to Belgium.

The candidates being awarded the VLIR scholarship will also be contacted by email by Hasselt University shortly after they have been informed by VLIRUOS scholarship administration. The VLIR scholarship recipient will be assigned a student room for the first year of their study in Belgium. After 1 year they are free to change to another student room. A list of items will also be sent and if confirmed these items will be purchased and made available in the student room upon arrival of the candidates.

The candidates will also be registered as a student for the upcoming academic year and they will be subscribed to the Student Insurance Program (SIP).

When VLIR scholarship recipients arrive in Belgium (Brussels Airport) a taxi service will be provided by Hasselt University to take them directly to their student room where they will be welcomed by 2nd year students and/or university staff. Afterwards they will be taken to Hasselt University to finalize their registration.

To facilitate all administrative procedures Hasselt University will inform the Belgian Civil Administration of the place of residence (student room) and a Belgian bank (BNPParibasFortis, Diepenbeek) of the upcoming arrival of the scholarship students.