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Eenheid Omgevingsrecht gaat internationaal    7 apr 2015

Eenheid Omgevingsrecht gaat internationaal
7 apr 2015

Van 12 tot 17 februari 2015 bezochten professor Bernard Vanheusden en doctoranda Yelena M. Gordeeva, beiden van de Eenheid Omgevingsrecht van de faculteit Rechten van de UHasselt, de Vyatka State University (VSU) in Kirov en het Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in Moskou. Zij stonden onder meer in voor de co-organisatie van een congres en gaven verscheidene lezingen en gastcolleges over het internationaal en Europees milieurecht. In 2016 brengen Russische juristen wellicht een bezoek aan de UHasselt. Yelena Gordeeva brengt verslag uit.

“First, on 13 February 2015 Professor Bernard Vanheusden and I co-organised and participated in an international law conference, which took place at the VSU. The VSU was found in 1963 and currently consists of 11 faculties, including a law faculty. The main theme of the conference was ‘Current Trends in International and Russian Law’. The conference focused, inter alia, also on legal challenges posed by contemporary environmental global issues. Both UHasselt representatives gave presentations and delivered results of their legal research at the conference.”

Open public lecture
“The highlight of the law conference was an open public lecture ‘Current Trends in European Environmental Law’ delivered by Professor Bernard Vanheusden. The lecture was attended by more than 200 Russian academics, lawyers, and young professionals with a background in law.”

“As a result of the UHasselt-VSU conference a bilingual (English-Russian) book of scientific contributions will be published in April, 2015.”

Highly appreciated
“The joint UHasselt –VSU event was surely a beneficial event for both the universities and was highly appreciated by the Ambassador of the USA in Moscow, John F. Tefft, the Head of the Kirov Region Department within the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yulia Androsova, and Director of the Lane Kirkland Program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, Ursula Sobiecka.”
“Furthermore, on 14 February 2015 Professor Vanheusden delivered four guest lectures on international and European environmental law at the law faculty of the VSU.”

“Finally, Professor Vanheusden and I were invited on 17 February 2015 at the MGIMO, where Professor Vanheusden gave a guest lecture on ‘Judicial Protection of EU Environmental Law’.”

“Normally, in 2016 these visits will be followed up by a visit of Russian legal scientists to Hasselt University to continue these co-operations in the environmental law field.”