International Summer School on Smart and Sustainable Economics

International Summer School on Smart and Sustainable Economics

Universiteit Hasselt - Knowledge in action


Educational team: multidisciplinary team of professors from all partner institutions

Study load: 8 to 10 ECTS, depending on the participants' home institution

Language: English

Learning material: will be available on the electronic learning environment of the hosting institution

Teaching approach: all teaching methods employed fit in the educational concept of “monitored self-study”

Teaching methods, tools and approaches:

  • introductory lectures or web lectures;
  • tutorials;
  • individual coaching;
  • peer learning;
  • self-study and PBL-assignments (PBL= problem/project based learning);
  • speed dating for team composition;
  • intercultural seminars;
  • team project;
  • workshops on group dynamics, reflective thinking and writing, and the use of a portfolio;
  • practical exercises, simulations, and role play w.r.t. communication skills;
  • guest lectures and excursions with young entrepreneurs (TBC).