International Summer School on Smart and Sustainable Economics

International Summer School on Smart and Sustainable Economics

Universiteit Hasselt - Knowledge in action


Study programme

The four week programme of the summer school is built on four key knowledge and/or competence areas:

  • business economics, business intelligence and entreprenial skills;
  • sustainablity, ethics and socio-political economy;
  • group dynamics and reflective learning;
  • communcation skills and business & scientific English;

The programme is principally organized around employability skills such as entrepreneurship, stakeholder awareness, teamwork and communication skills, but also around the development of problem solving skills, self-management and self-reflection. Strong emphasis is put on multi-disciplinarity in an atmosphere of mutual cross-cultural understanding.

The participating students do not only acquire extensive understanding of and develop skills in the use of scientific and technological knowledge that can be directly implemented in a business plan, but also understand their (TBC) limits in terms of viability and sustainability. They will also get introduced to the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in our modern knowledge economy. Aside from acquiring a realistic view on budgeting, cost accounting, and time management, they will  develop cognitive, methodological and ethical competences. Students will also get the opportunity to enhance their written and oral communication skills to a more advanced level, including effective communication skills in an international and multidisciplinary environment.

Before attending the summer school, all students are required to participate in preparatory study activities (with total study load estimated at 40 hours) that will take place at the students’ home university. (TBC)


Social programme

Since having fun is most definitely part of the summer school, the eductional programme of the summer is complemented with a social programme. The social programme includes activities like (TBC):

  • welcome drink
  • city game
  • food night
  • relocation party
  • graduation and farewell reception.

And of course participants can go on a weekend trip to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam, The Hague, Bruges, the North sea beach, ... (TBC)