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Hasselt University has a long tradition of paying attention to research careers. In recognition of this, the European Commission granted Hasselt University in 2011 as the first Flemish university with the right to use the 'HR Excellence in Research' logo.

HR strategy for researchers –  mid term evaluation

Hasselt University is continuously on the look-out for motivated staff members. Our vacancy list is subject to frequent updates. We therefore recommend you to consult it on a regular basis.


PhD students, research associates, post-doctoral researchers

description % deadline
view detailsPhD student - Early indicators of autism in high risk NICU infants vacancy no 145/35/010 100% 05/01/2015
view detailsPhD student - Epigenetica vacancy no 145/35/013 100% 15/01/2015

Assistants, doctor-assistants, teaching assistants

no vacancies

Lecturer, associate professor, professor, full professor

no vacancies

Vacancies in the association
Here, you can go to the vacancy website of our partners of as part of the Limburg University Association (PHL and XIOS) and as part of the transnational University Limburg (Maastricht University)

Vacancies at PXL University College 
Vacancies at Maastricht University

External vacancies
Vacancies at other universities and scientific institutions.

If companies want to publish a vacancy
It’s possible to publish one or more vacancies of your company on the website of Hasselt University. Surf to Tech Transfer

Vacancies for students