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In this job and traineeship database you can find recent vacancies/traineeships for future masters of Statistics, Management, Biomedical Sciences and Transportation Sciences.

Publ.Date ID Description
30/11/2016 4730 The Research Training Group SocialCars Cooperative is looking for 12 PhD Researchers. Research concentrates on aspects of highly automated and fully automated driving in a mixed traffic environment - GERMANY 
24/11/2016 4722 TRT Trasporti e Territorio is looking for a Transport Modeller 
07/11/2016 4674 IT analyst junior 
07/11/2016 4675 Junior windows engineer 
07/11/2016 4679 Packaging team leader 
07/11/2016 4680 R & D packaging engineer 
07/11/2016 4681 R&D Packaging Engineer PC 
07/11/2016 4687 Junior Software Engineer 
07/11/2016 4688 Senior software engineer 
07/11/2016 4712 globetrotter with passion for IT 
07/11/2016 4716 Junior Application Specialist