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Ethical Committee for Animal Experimentation (ECAE)

Animal Welfare Cell


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The Animal Welfare Cell is charged with:

  • providing advice to the staff who handles the test animals regarding animal welfare related to the purchase, housing, care and use of the laboratory animals;
  • advising staff on the application of the regulations for replacement, reduction and refinement and keeping the technical and scientific developments concerning the application of the regulations up to date;
  • ensuring the establishment and testing of in-company procedures for monitoring, reporting and follow-up with regard to the well-being of the experimental animals housed or used in the establishment.
  • monitoring the development and results of projects, taking into account the effects on the used animals, mapping the elements that can contribute to replacement, reduction and refinement and providing advice on this
  • providing advice on adoption regulations, including advice on the appropriate socialization of the test animals released for adoption
  • ensuring that breeding, housing and care are refined in order to prevent or minimize any pain, suffering, fear and enduring damage that the animals may experience.

 Internal regulation will be added as soon as it's approved by the Faculty Board.