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Coronavirus    Mar 25, 2020

Mar 25, 2020


Central Helpdesk (UHasselt)

011 26 82 82


Modified guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (update 18/03/2020, 9 p.m.)

The National Security Council has decided to adopt strengthened measures to control the spread of the coronavirus starting from March 18 at noon. This also has consequences for our university.

These measures will apply until Sunday April 19th:

  • We will completely switch to distance learning. Students will receive all practical information about it via their department.  
  • All activities and events (sports, culture, …) are cancelled.
  • There is a general ban on international travel for UHasselt staff and students.
  • Staff members are obliged to work from home. If they do need to work on campus, this is only allowed if the imposed hygiene measures and regulations on social distancing are met.
  • For reasearchers as well, teleworking is the norm. Research in which the presence of researchers, including PhD students, is required, can continue, but only if the imposed hygiene measures and regulations on social distancing are met. Otherwise, the investigation must be stopped.
  • We no longer allow students on the campuses
  • all planned quarter and partial exams in March and April are postponed
  • the libraries are closed
  • only sandwiches can be ordered at the restaurants

The central helpdesk can be reached via the telephone number 011 26 82 82 and coronavirus@uhasselt.be

General information about the coronavirus can be found on the Public Health website https://www.info-coronavirus.be/nl/ and on https://www.vlaanderen.be/gezondheid-en-welzijn/gezondheid/coronavirus-covid-19#onderwijs (in Dutch).

These measures reduce the spread of the coronavirus, so be sure to follow them:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water. 
  • Do you have to cough? Use a paper towel or cough on the inner side of your elbow.
  • Use paper tissue when sneezing and throw them away.
  • Avoid giving hands or kissing at greetings. 
  • Touch your face as little as possible with your hands.
  • Avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Stay at home when you are sick and contact your doctor.

We count on everyone's understanding to respect the measures and to treat each other with care.

Updates available on https://www.uhasselt.be/coronavirus-en