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Visit www.academicshop.be/creativecloud  for a rental license of one year for Creative Cloud: €75.


  2. Select "Universiteit Hasselt" from the list "Kies je school"
  4. ...

For any assistance regarding Adobe products.  You may also visit www.forums.adobe.com as it’s a useful resource for self-help.


2. FREEWARE PDF creator

What is CutePDF?

CutePDF 2.5 is a freeware program which allows to convert nearly everything to PDF.  Before you start to install CutePDF make sure first you have enough rights to do an install on your pc!

Installation instructions for CutePDF!

The CutePDF Writer program consists of two parts. You will need both to make CutePDF working.

Step 1: Install the converter first. Your Internet browser will probably ask if the program must be saved or opened. Click ‘Open.’ Then click OK to install the postscript driver.

Step 2: After installing the converter you can install the CuteWriter. Again your browser will ask if the program must be saved or opened. Click ‘Open.’

2.1: The CutePDF Writer installer will show the following screen:

2.2: Click OK and click OK again on the next screen. Now the Software License Agreement wil show. Click ‘Yes’ to continue. CutePDF Writer starts installing now.

2.3: After installation the following message will appear:


2.4: Click OK to finish the setup. Reboot your system and CutePDF Writer is ready to be used.

 How to use CutePDF?

Using CutePDF is very easy. It works like any other printer. The only difference is that it will ask for a filename to print your document to. In the following example it is assumed that you will be creating a PDF from a MS Word document.

  1. Start MS Word and open or create a document
  2. Click [menu] File‚ Print.
  3. Select CutePDF Writer as the output printer.
  4. Click OK to start the print job
  5. A dialog will appear asking for a File name. The suggested type is already PDF Files (*.pdf).
  6. Browse to the desired location of your PDF and give the file name. Click op ‘Save’ to save your PDF.

pc-rooms in which CutePDF has been installed?

CutePDF is installed on every pc in the pc-rooms.