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International students

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Academic preparation

Hasselt University ensures full academic recognition of study results obtained abroad. Recognition is based on ECTS.
In order to ensure academic recognition, it is necessary to draft a learning agreement (= study programme abroad) with your faculty coordinator before you leave. If, after arrival at your host institution, any modification to your learning agreement becomes necessary, you will have to contact your faculty coordinator from Hasselt University as soon as possible. Your learning agreement must be approved by your faculty coordinator from Hasselt University no later than one month after the starting date of your study or internship at the host institution, after which it cannot be modified.

Academic recognition

At the end of your study or internship abroad, the host institution will provide a Transcript of Records (study) or a Traineeship Certificate (internship), proving that the agreed programme has been completed, with an overview of the results and ECTS credits obtained. Results obtained abroad are converted to the grade system used by Hasselt University. This conversion is done using a conversion table which can be found in the manual for outgoing students.

At the end of your study career, you will not only receive a degree but also a diploma supplement which mentions your studies or internship abroad.