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Below is an overview of the courses/workshops/info sessions in academic year 2016-2017 open to PhD students and or postdocs of the Doctoral School for Medicine & Life Sciences.

As soon as the necessary information is available, you can click the title in order to get more details about content, target group and practical arrangements. All activities are in English, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.


SUBJECT/TITLE for PhD students? for postdocs? DATE REGISTRATION
Academic English x   see details see details
Biosafety (obligatory course) x   7 september 2017 closed
BusinessLunch x x 13 september 2017 closed
Guidebook for a career in research x x 20-21 April 2017 closed
Effective image editing x x 31 May 2017 closed
Effective writing session x x 20 September 2017 closed
f-TALES workshop 1: Cancer - an old dog with new tricks x x 6-7 March 2017 closed
f-TALES workshop 2: Mobile Health x x 27-28 April 2017 closed
f-TALES workshop 3: Nanomaterials x x 19-20 September 2017 closed
Good Scientific Conduct & Labbook taking (obligatory course) x   20 January 2017 closed
Good Clinical Practice training for investigator site teams and ethic committees x x 25 September 2017 closed
Introduction new PhD students x   14 November 2016 closed
Knowledge for growth x   18 May 2017 to be announced
Lab on chip and sensor technologies x x 28-29 June 2017 see webpage
Lunch seminar 'career management' with academics x x 22 September 2017 closed
Medical ethics x x cancelled  
Microglia in development and disease: Euron PhD workshop + BSCDB Symposium x x 4-5 May 2017 see website
OPINNO Module I x   16 November 2016 closed
qPCR (Biogazelle) x   6-7 March 2017 closed
The scientist as entrepreneur x x 11 September 2017 closed
Valorisation x x postponed to next academic year  
VIB Courses x x throughout the year see webpage
Visit Company x x cancelled  

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