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Integrity and responsible conduct at UHasselt

Steering Committee Ethics & Integrity

Integrity and responsible conduct at UHasselt

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The Ethics and Integrity Steering Committee consists of the following members:

  • the chairman of the Scientific Integrity Committee: Geert Molenberghs
  • the chairman of the Medical Ethics Committee and Member of the Flemish Scientific Integrity
  • Committee: Ivo Lambrichts
  • the chairman of the Social and Ethical Committee: Johan Ackaert
  • the chairman of the Ethics Committee on Animal Testing: Virginie Bito
  • the Chairman of the Information Safety Committee: Wim Lamotte
  • the Chairman of the Biosafety Committee: Karen Smeets
  • honorary member of the Flemish Commission on Scientific Integrity: Marcel Ameloot
  • an ethicist: Wim Pinxten
  • the rector: Luc the Creator
  • Vice-Rector of Research: Jean-Michel Rigo
  • Vice Principal Education: Karin Coninx
  • the Director of Investigation: Ann Peters
  • the Director of Education: Elly Quanten
  • the Director of Personnel:┬áJohan Thijs (a.i. director)
  • a lawyer from the management department: Britt Loos
  • a lawyer from the research coordination department: Elisabeth Verjans
  • a secretary from the research coordination department: Nele Nivelle