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Computational Mathematics

Computational Mathematics

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The research work carried out in the Computational Mathematics group is inspired by real life applications. The topics addressed here appear as mathematical models in energy, environmental engineering, aerodynamics, technology, geosystems, biosysstems, chemistry or phsysics, and include processes like flow, diffusion, reactions, transport, and involve multiple scales, or rapidly oscillating characteristics. 

In mathematical terms, the group deals with partial and ordinary differential equations, in particular equations of evolution. The main focus is on the mathematical modelling, analysis and simulation. The main research topic is in the numerical mathematics, namely the development and analysis of numerical schemes for (ordinary and partial) differential equations, based on (mixed) finite elements, finite volumes, or discontinuous Galerkin methods. This includes the development and analysis of iterative/linearisation methods. Also, aspects related to applied mathematical analysis, including existence, uniqueness, and qualitative properties of solutions, or upscaling and homogenization appear in the research work of the group. 

For more details please, check the preprints and the personal webpages of the CMAT members.