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Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities

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An overview of the minimal requirements postulated by the Faculty of Law is shown below.

Fulfilling these requirements is obligatory for all PhD candidates who started their PhD from September 2013 on.

Exemption from (certain) doctoral school requirements can only be requested within three months after starting the PhD (or within six months if you have a 3 x 2 year contract), by completing this template and submitting it to the DS faculty liaison.

A digital procedure is used for the acknowledgement of activities within the framework of the minimal requirements, generating an overview of the progress made in an individual doctoral school portfolio on Google Drive. This document can be consulted at any time by the PhD candidate, their supervisor and the doctoral school’s management team.

The doctoral school course offer may be used to fulfill the requirements, but (additional) external courses may also be acknowledged and may sometimes be needed.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be consulted here.


Throughout the doctoral trajectory, each PhD candidate needs to collect 30 points, with the following distribution:

  • 20 points in discipline-specific activities (D),
  • 10 points in non-discipline-specific activities (ND).

The activities should be spread as much as possible, and should be selected in consultation with the PhD supervisor and according to the needs of the research and the wishes/interests of the PhD candidate.

research output

  • dissertation and
  • collect minimum 8 and maximum 12 points by means of publications (see below) and
  • give at least 1 presentation at self-organized/internal or external conference/seminar/colloquium (see below; no doctoral seminar)

teaching skills

  • mandatory participation in trajectory of 'professionalization of teaching' ('onderwijsprofessionalisering'), OR mandatory participation in two thematic modules organized by the department 'Educational development, diversity and innovation' (dienst Onderwijs) (4 points ND)*
  • attendance of extra modules on education (1 point ND / module)
  • participation in yearly 'education day' (2 points ND / day)
  • teaching assignments (= fulfilling the requirements per statute) (2 points ND)

* Whether or not one needs to attend the trajectory of professionalization of teaching is determined within the faculty. Prof. Elly Van de Velde is the contact person.

research management & communication skills

  • mandatory presentation of at least 1 doctoral seminar (1 point D / seminar)
  • mandatory attendance of at least 2 doctoral seminars (0,5 point D / seminar)
  • workshops/courses on general communication skills (e.g., academic English/French, presentation techniques, ...) or research skills (e.g., writing scientific papers, writing project applications, ...) (0,5 point ND / half day)

advanced discipline-specific knowledge

  • initiation in comparative law, international databases, methodology of law, ... (0,5 point D / half day)
  • other workshops/courses useful for the PhD student's own research (0,5 point D / half day)

ethics & integrity

  • attending a session on ethics (1 point ND / session)


  • research stay abroad (3 points D / week)
  • attending Ius Commune initiative or other international activity (workshop/seminar/colloquium/summer school/conference) (0,5 point D / half day)
  • presentation within the framework of Ius Commune or at an international event (3 points D / presentation)

IP, valorisation & science communication

  • initiatives, lectures and publications aimed at the general public (e.g., interviews, 'Universiteit Vrije Tijd', lecture for vzw, article in juristenkrant) (0,5 point D / activity)

career management & personal development

  • mandatory attendance of at least 2 sessions, preferably 1 session aimed at career management and 1 session aimed at personal development (0,5 point ND / half day)


Points based on articles:

  • article in VABB journal or book contribution with peer review = 4 points D
  • note in VABB journal = 2 points D
  • article in non-VABB journal or book contribution without peer review = 2 points D
  • note in non-VABB journal = 1 point D
  • book review or workshop report = 0,5 point D
  • editor = 1 point D
  • for books, it should be determined in advance - in consultation with the promoter - whether points are assigned and if so, how many

Points based on presentations:

  • speaker at external national conference/seminar/colloquium = 2 points D
  • speaker at external international conference/seminar/colloquium = 3 points D
  • speaker at self-organized (with research group) or internal conference/seminar/colloquium = 4 points D