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An overview of the minimal requirements postulated by the School of Educational Studies is shown below.

Fulfilling these requirements is obligatory for all PhD candidates.

Exemption from (certain) doctoral school requirements can only be requested within three months after starting the PhD (or within six months if you have a 3 x 2 year contract), by completing this template and sending it to the DS faculty liaison.

A digital procedure is used for the acknowledgement of activities within the framework of the minimal requirements, generating an overview of the progress made in an individual doctoral school portfolio on Google Drive. This document can be consulted at any time by the PhD candidate, their supervisor and the doctoral school’s management team.

The doctoral school course offer may be used to fulfill the requirements, but (additional) external courses may also be acknowledged and may sometimes be needed.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be consulted here.


research output

  • dissertation
  • at least 1 peer-reviewed first-author article accepted for publication (in relevant journal)
  • suggested to have other manuscripts submitted or in the revision process of internationally acknowledged peer-reviewed journals in the field of education

teaching skills

  • fulfilment of at least 4 different types of teaching assignments throughout PhD (e.g. giving a course, supervising exercises or practical sessions, correcting exams, guiding bachelor or master students,…)
  • attend the introductory module on education at Hasselt University organized by the Department of Educational excellence, professionalization and diversity
  • follow a ‘teacher education program’ (e.g. Educational Master) or prove to have attended sessions in teacher training or have taken part in a trajectory of professionalization of teaching (or an equivalent)

research management & communication skills

  • minimum 16 contact hours, divided over at least 2 different courses (e.g. academic writing, writing/speaking for a broad audience, …)
  • organisation of lectures, symposia, conferences, … (optional)

advanced discipline-specific knowledge

  • take at least 2 advanced courses relevant for PhD topic, at least one of which is focusing on methodological topics in the field of education and social sciences
  • attend at least 5 keynotes/seminars/research presentations from internationally recognized experts at different events with a focus on the field of education, throughout PhD

ethics & integrity

  • attend at least 1 session on ethics and/or research integrity


  • give at least 2 oral presentations about PhD research at international conferences (e.g. paper sessions, roundtable, …)
  • a research stay abroad is strongly recommended

IP, valorisation & science communication

  • participation in at least 1 initiative (relevant information session, participation in practice-based research, publications aimed at general public, or initiatives communicating scientific results to a public of laymen, educators and practitioners in the field)

career management & personal development

  • attend at least 2 sessions, preferably 1 session aimed at career management and 1 session aimed at personal development