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All general information and regulations regarding doing a PhD at UHasselt can be found on the university's research website (Dutch version - English version). A complete overview of procedural details throughout the doctoral trajectory is also available (Dutch version - English version).

Important responsibilities to consider are the following:

  • Register each academic year as a PhD student. You only need to pay a registration fee in the first and last year. When registering, don't forget to also subscribe to the doctoral school. In your last year, you will be contacted by the studentadministration regarding the payment of the registration fee.
  • Complete your doctoral file* within three months after the start of your PhD (or within six months if you have a 3 x 2 year contract). Initially, you will need to log in with your student ID and student password. After you have made the link between your student ID and personnel ID, you will also be able to log in with your personnel ID.
  • Because (most of) you have two e-mail accounts (student and personnel), it is recommended to (automatically) forward the e-mails from your student account to your personnel account. Most colleagues will send e-mails to your personnel account. However, the doctoral school communication will initially arrive only at your student account. After your doctoral file has been approved by the faculty council, you will receive the doctoral school communication on both accounts.
  • Once a year, you need to organize a meeting with your doctoral committee, in order for them to evaluate the progress of your PhD. Please use this form. As a PhD student, you are responsible for bringing the form to the meeting and uploading it in your doctoral file afterwards (under 'reports'). The document can be used each year. If there are reasons to use an alternative form (e.g. in case of specific forms from funding agencies or from collaborating institutions), this is also allowed. 
  • Keep track of your doctoral school activities throughout your PhD. A digital procedure is used for the acknowledgement of activities within the framework of the minimal requirements, generating an overview of the progress made in your individual doctoral school portfolio on Google Drive. This document can be consulted at any time by you, your supervisor and the doctoral school’s management team.
  • Depending on the contract: In order to extend your contract after two years you need to write a progress report. You will receive an e-mail with more information.

* 'My doctoral file' is a web application which is intended to collect all relevant administrative information with respect to PhD students at UHasselt.