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2018, the “Deutschlandjahr” at Hasselt University!

Hasselt University has declared 2018 as the “Deutschlandjahr” at the university. Together with the city of Hasselt and the province of Limburg, Hasselt University puts Germany in the spotlight for the whole year.

At the request of the German Embassy, our neighbour Germany will be in the spotlight this year. This entails the organisation of academic and cultural activities. In this way, the university, the city and the province will develop and deepen existing academic, economic and cultural ties with Germany. The organisation of the “Deutschlandjahr” fits in the vision of Hasselt University on international cooperation. The cooperation of Germany will be strengthened.

Every month activities will be organized. The “Deutschlandjahr” will end with a grand event, where the ties between Hasselt University and the “Fachhochschules” in Germany will be renewed.

30th of Januari 

'Limburg Lezing: De macht van Duitsland' by prof. dr. Rochtus

(18u, Hasselt University, Campus Hasselt)

Province Limburg
3th of February

Organ recital Marcel van Westen, organist Aachen

(15u, Sint-Quintinus cathedral Hasselt)

City of Hasselt
8th of February Guest lecture 'Tax certainty: a worldwide challenge from a German point of view' Faculty of Law
28th of February

'Uitgelezen Hasselt' on German literature

(20u, Het Smaaksalon, Hasselt)

City of Hasselt
3th of March

'Organ recital', domorganist, Trier

(15u, Sint-Quintinus cathedral Hasselt)

City of Hasselt
April International masterclass 'The future of living' Faculty of Architecture and Arts
5th of May  

Organ recital Ulrich Karg, Düsseldorf

(15u, Sint-Quintinus cathedral Hasselt)

City of Hasselt
25-27th of June  Summer school 'Hyberbolic Conservation laws' Faculteit Wetenschappen
Summer Carillon ecitals  City of Hasselt
4th of August

Organ recital German organ music Geerten van de Wetering 

(15u, Sint-Quintinus cathedral Hasselt)

City of Hasselt
24-27th of September Interuniversity miniconference 'functional coatings' Faculty of Engineering Technology 
Oktober PhD symposium 'behaviour analysis' Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

18th of October

Fiscal Criminal Law in Germany and Belgium: Comparative Seminar  Faculty of Law 
18th of October

Goethe Concert

(Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Hasselt)

Register here.

Hasselt University/City of Hasselt

29th of November


Automotive meets Automotive

Alden Biesen

School of Expert Education



Province Limburg 

 You can find the program of the “Deutschlandjahr” here.



(Lecture German ambassador Rüdiger Lüdeking: ‘Germany and Belgium: European partners facing a polarized and fragmented political landscape' - 21/03/2018)