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EAPC Course - Digital preventive cardiology and rehabilitation

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In a rapidly digitalising world all modalities known to cardiologists and cardiovascular care institutes are transforming into a digital counterpart. The COVID-pandemic has forced us into a higher gear in implementing the latest tools. Worldwide many centres have offered at least a short period of telerehabilitation.

This course intends to highlight the key possibilities of digital tools for application in preventive cardiology and to apply digital technology to set-up a telerehabilitation program. Digital specialists are brought together to inform you about the latest applications and their personal experiences in applying them.

Course format

Online course. Sessions will be given live at a preset time with a possibility for discussion and interaction. Sessions will be recorded and can be rewatched after the session.
The course will be interactive. Preparatory literature and tasks will be provided. The sessions will be partly presentation and partly discussion with participants and moderators. At the end of the course an exam will take place.

Learning objectives

After completing the course, the participant will:

  • Have gained insight in applying digital technologies in prevention and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Be able to apply the core concepts for transforming existing prevention and rehabilitation programmes into digital counterparts.
  • Know the latest evidence on the digital counterparts of all current cardiac rehabilitation modalities.
  • Be able to better identify patients suited for digital prevention and rehabilitation programmes and set correct indications for applying digital technology.
  • Have gained insight in the latest evidence in digital prevention and rehabilitation research with applications in big data and artificial intelligence.
  • Be able to set up a business plan and perform a health economic analysis of setting up a rehabilitation programme.
  • Be able to identify barriers to implementation of the latest digital technology and will be able to identify possible solutions to these barriers.

Target audience

  • Cardiologists and physicians involved in preventive cardiology
  • Allied professionals involved in cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention of CVD


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