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EIDD-DESIGN FOR ALL Summer school 2019

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Call for Participants - Extended Deadline: May 20th 2019

We are very pleased to invite you to apply for the first Design for All summer school to be organised by EIDD – Design for All Europe. Following directly on the celebration of our 25th anniversary in 2018, EIDD – Design for All Europe is now further expanding its activities, creating a platform that aims to achieve greater sharing, creation and dissemination of knowledge.

The summer school is one of the actions now being undertaken by the EIDD academic working group, the ACANET, in order to stimulate professionals in Design for All thinking.
EIDD – Design for All Europe’s commitment is to create ambassadors all over Europe and to implement knowledge about Design for All in real time.



The summer school will be a selective programme limited to a maximum of 20 excellent participants who would like to improve their knowledge and insights on Design for All thinking. For one week, 20 participants and 5 teachers will meet in beautiful surroundings in Portugal’s Norte region to share, build and disseminate knowledge. Contributions will be encouraged and accepted from all professional research domains and design fields, as we are convinced that stimulating interdisciplinary collaboration will lead to interesting cross-fertilisation.

Working side-by-side in a cross-disciplinary setting, participants and teachers will learn from each other in a dynamic atmosphere. Built up intrinsically by the pioneers of Design for All, this vision is fundamental for every creative profession and an essential element of design attitudes and practice, of vital benefit to all sectors and fields of society in both the public and the private sectors.



During the week, participants will attend lectures and take part in interactive workshops focusing on real issues, for which they will end up making and creating real design solutions. In parallel with the active work, they will also have the opportunity to visit specialised companies and entrepreneurs that work with a Design for All strategy, as well as relevant institutions. From ideation to concept to real design: this week will enable participants to dive deep into Design for All.



The 2019 summer school will take place in the beautiful town of Viana do Castelo in Portugal’s Norte region. Set in an area rich in historic and cultural heritage, Viana do Castelo is a coastal city with rich flavours and a well-deserved reputation for warm Portuguese hospitality and its excellent fresh seafood.



8-13 September 2019



Who should apply? If you have ambitions, enthusiasm and interest in Design for All, as a mindset, a strategy and a practice, this summer school is for you! If you want to become an ambassador and a practitioner in Design for All, you should apply to join us. Everyone can apply and participants receive a certificate of 3 ECTS.



How to apply?
Send a letter of motivation (max. 500 words) by May 20th 2019 to dfa@uhasselt.be, including information about the following three main points:

1. Who are you?
2. What is your motivation for taking part in the summer school?
3. Describe your interest in Design for All, as a mindset, a strategy and a practice and tell us how you can contribute.

The EIDD Design for All Europe Executive Board will then select the 20 participants.

What are the costs?
A registration fee of €500 per participant will cover the costs of your meals (lunch and dinner) and invited speakers and tutors. Travel to and from the nearest airport in Porto will be at your own expense. All other costs (lodging, local transfers, logistics) will be covered by EIDD – Design for All Europe and local organisers.