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GG&T Summer School

GG&T Summer School

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WEDNESDAY 26 AUGUST 2015 - 19-22h - MAURICE STRONG “REFLECTIONS” EVENING - CLIMATE RESILIENCE | Participation in the event is free. More info and registration  »

In the summer of 2015, the second edition of the Summer School on Green Growth and Travelism will take place. The ‘Green Growth and Travelism (GG&T)’ Summer School has a specific focus on sustainable mobility and biodiversity and is organized by the Transportation Research Institute, Hasselt University, Belgium.

Today’s world is changing rapidly and we are facing economic, social and environmental challenges compounded by intensifying climate change. In order to create a bright future, the idea of Green Growth has been developed as a strategic response. Its application for tourism and mobility is recognized as a key element of sustainable global socio-economic development. The case of Travelism, short for Travel & Tourism, in the context of a Green Growth paradigm transformation will be extensively discussed.


The GG&T Summer School 2015 will be organized from Monday 24 August 2015 to Friday 28 August 2015.


The GG&T Summer School 2015 will take place in Belgium, at Hasselt University (Campus Hasselt, Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt) with field visits to Hoge Kempen National Park in the Province of Limburg and to the European Parliament in Brussels.


A series of lectures devoted to a specific topic or case study, will be offered, given by renowned experts in the field of green growth, travelism, mobility and biodiversity who will share their knowledge and experience during these five days (more speakers to be announced):

Geoffrey Lipman
Director of Greenearth.travel and president of ICTP

Ignace Schops
Director of Regional Landscape Kempen and Maasland
Geert Wets
Professor and director of the Transportation Research Institute at Hasselt University, Belgium 

Field trips will be organized to the Hoge Kempen National Park in the Belgian Province of Limburg, the perfect environment to learn about biodiversity, and to the European Parliament in Brussels to help understand the geopolitical and sociopolitical impacts of change.

By means of debate sessions, the subjects handled during the lectures and visits will be discussed in interactive debates, focusing on practical applications and career development for course participants.

Target audience

The Summer School is open to people involved in the Travel & Tourism field (and related sectors). More specifically, the target audience consists of graduate managers or students (holding at least a Bachelor’s degree) who are professionally and/or personally involved or interested in the themes ‘climate change and biodiversity’ and ‘tourism and mobility in a sustainable setting’.

Participant Certificate

Participant Certificates will be issued to all participants of the Summer School.