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Non-EEA students

If you are from a non-EEA country and stay for > 6 months, you must be registered with one of Belgium's so-called 'mutualities' (see http://www.unas-nuas.be/nl/listmutnl.html for a full list). One of these mutualities is called CM (see item 1. below).

Moreover all non-EEA-students will also have to register for a comprehensive insurance under a scheme called SIP (Student Insurance Program). This comprehensive insurance is mandatory for all non-EEA students studying at Hasselt University. For more info and registration, pls. visit www.sipinsurance.eu

Students bringing their own all-in insurance should send a scan of their policy upfront to marc.thoelen@uhasselt.be . He will then judge whether your insurance is comparable to the SIP-offer.

1. Health insurance fund: Mutuality (CM)

Students enrolled for > 6 months, having no other mutuality cover in Belgium must first register with CM. You will receive the necessary documents during the orientation days or you can go to the office at;

Kerklaan 6/1
3590 Diepenbeek
Email: diepenbeek.limburg@cm.be

A representative of CM will be on campus Diepenbeek (Agora) EVERY FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH, BETWEEN 2 AND 4 PM.

Once you have registered with CM, you will receive yellow identification stickers at your student address. The yellow identification stickers are to be affixed to all refund application documents you send to the health insurance fund.

Health insurance on average covers approximately 75% of medical bills. Some (critical) medical expenses are fully refunded. In Belgium, you are free to choose your care provider. Doctors can either be in private practice or attached to a hospital. Most doctors in Belgium speak English fairly well. Always take cash with you to the doctor. You will have to pay the fee immediately after the consultation. Only a few doctors accept electronic forms of payment.

2. Student Insurance Program: SIP 

SIP is a comprehensive insurance which is mandatory for all non-EEA students studying at Hasselt University. Detailed information on the contents of the Student Insurance Program, as well as full registration info can be found at

www.sipinsurance.eu (Company MARSH)

Students staying for < 6 months should choose the option 'SIP Integral'. This will cover all your eligible costs at a monthly fee of 40 EURO.

Students staying for > 6 months should choose the option 'SIP Integral' for all days BEFORE OCTOBER 1st.

Then they should start a second insurance period and choose the option 'SIP Complement' for the rest of the stay (30 EURO/month). Meanwhile they should also enroll with a mutuality (e.g. CM, see above). This latter membership will start on October 1st and costs an additional 5 EURO/month.

After payment of the fee, the company MARSH will send you a certificate, that you should upload into your pre-registration file, BEFORE ARRIVAL AT UHASSELT.

3. How to obtain a refund

How to obtain a refund? 


Documents for obtaining a refund from SIP: