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Animal Ethics Committee (ECD)



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The researcher sends the completed application form  to ethischecommissiedierenproeven@uhasselt.be.

The researcher will take the possible meeting dates  of the ECD into account.


The researcher will receive a confirmation mail from the ECD with a reference number for the follow-up of his/her application.

For new studies, researchers are invited to discuss their matrix during the meeting. If studies contain adjustments and/or a prolongation of existing studies, changes are examined during the meeting and feedback will be communicated to the researcher via e-mail.


The application will be assessed during the ECD meeting. If necessary, the ECD chairman will formulate comments and/or questions (during the meeting but also by e-mail). Researchers have 1 week to answer them and then they have to send the modified application form back to ethischecommissiedierenproeven@uhasselt.be, with the adjustments clearly indicated.


Answers are assessed by the ECD. If sufficient, the researcher receives the approval certificate together with the latest version of the application.


The application form together with the approval certificate must be submitted in Tick@lab  so that the researchers can start their experiments with animal testing.


As soon as the experimental study is finished, researchers have to fill out a retrospective analysis and send it back to the ECD.

A detailed flowchart can be found here.