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Buy laptop 2017-2018

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In the total price of the laptops there is besides the price of the laptop itself a service pack included.

This service pack includes the following:

  • An additional insurance against accidental damage and theft during the first year.
  • A identification sticker (with the UHasselt-logo and a unique security code) that provides guarantees against theft.
  • Pre-installation of Windows 10.including the Windows Defender anti-viruspacket

Software: standard Google Suite

Google Suite

The standard word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools for UHasselt are part of Google Suite. Each student gets free unlimited cloud storage as a place to save his or her documents. Doing so also makes sure you always have a back-up of your documents which you can access everywhere via your UHasselt Google account.

Instructions on using Google Suite can be found on the GSuite learing centre webpages.


Students have 2 options for the legal use of Microsoft Office 2016:

1. Installing the free licence of Microsoft Office on your laptop

It concerns a free licence of the latest version of Microsoft Office for students, with a users right for Microsoft Office Professional, only valid as long as you're enrolled at the University Hasselt as a student.

Follow the next steps to install this free version of Office Professional on your laptop:

You can do this for maximum 5 pc's/laptops with this licence.

For more detailed instructions you can download this file.


2. Upgrade to the full version of Microsoft Office

You can also buy a full, official and personalised licence. More info can be found at accessories.


Frequently asked questions about the service pack and licenses

What does the 3 year Next Business Day On-site warranty and this additional insurance contain?

This is a 3 years internationalguarantee next-business day on-site. This means that the laptop will be services by a technician the next day on site at the client (home or student residence or on campus or at any specified address) on a hardware failure even if the laptop is in another country (international).

However we advise that in the case of a hardware problem, the student contacts the helpdesk of the university at 011/26 81 31. This way you can make an appointment with our HP technicus. The student can also contact the HP helpdesk at 078/600 600 with the serial number of the laptop at hand. This is located on a sticker on the back.
Excluded from this standard warranty is damage resulting from accidental damage (for example, clearly dropping the laptop) and/or theft of the laptop.

Especially for these additional claims, Hasselt University has entered into an additional insurance contract concluded by the firm Ethias.
This extra insurance is covered only for the first year. In case the insurance is being used an exemption for € 124.00 per claim increased to € 248.00 for the damage on "loss and disappearance."

Why the identification sticker?

This identification sticker (with the UHasselt logo and a unique security code) is required just to get that extra insurance for Ethias. This provides better protection for theft. The security code on the image is passed to Ehtias so your laptop may be found after theft.

Where can I find my individually purchased license codes (product keys) of Windows 10?

Each laptop has therefore a final license for Windows 10. 

What support is provided by the helpdesk at UHasselt laptop?

For the support is there a distinction between hardware and software problems.
In the case of a hardware problem, the student contacts the helpdesk of the university at 011/26 81 31. Or the student can make contact with the HP helpdesk at 078/600 600, with the serial number of the laptop at the hand. This is located on a sticker on the back.
The UHasselt Helpdesk (team CID) offers students a standard software support, namely the reinstallation of Windows 10 Home image and resolve connection problems to the UHasselt wireless network. The student remains at any time, of course, responsible for having a backup of his / her data.