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Integrity and responsible conduct at UHasselt

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Integrity and responsible conduct at UHasselt

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There is no doubt about it: integrity is an important aspect of our social behaviour, and it’s rightly receiving ever more media attention. The NGO sector, banking, politics and business: today they are all explicitly thinking about ways to promote integrity in their organisations. But what does integrity mean to us as a university? And how do we work together on a positive integrity culture at Hasselt University? We try to provide an answer to these questions in this integrity charter and brochure.


There are more than 1,400 of us working together as employees at Hasselt University. And although we have very different profiles and are engaged in very different tasks, there are nevertheless a number of values that unite us. Together, we are Hasselt University, and in our different roles we make our university strong in terms of teaching, research and social services. In connection with each other, we share our knowledge in a way that benefits society. Strong public engagement was, is and remains an important part of who we are and what we do.
Our students, employees, researchers and alumni are able and willing to make our society smarter, more flexible and better. The challenges of today and tomorrow are the compass by which we set the direction of our teaching, research and social engagement.