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An international internship is an opportunity to find your bearings on the international job market, supplement your academic knowledge with practical experience, improve your language skills and to get to know the work ethic of the host country.

Alumni of Flemish higher education institutions (BA, MA, ManaMa, PhD) can, for an internship in the EU of maximum 12 months (minus the months of Erasmus study / internship - exchange during their current study cycle), apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship. The scholarship amounts are set depending on the chosen country (€335, €385 or €435 per month). You are responsible for finding your own internship placement, as only then will the internship meet your requirements, in terms of destination, corporate culture, contents and length.

Graduates can apply as a candidate by following the procedure described on the website below: http://www.reconfirm.eu/nl/eu-beurzen/erasmus/

Selection criteria

  • Candidates must obtained a bachelor's, master's, manama or PhD from a Flemish institute of higher education
  • Candidates have, the moment they start their internship, no registered work experience. Accept as a student, with a student contract, which is allowed. 
  • Destinations: companies in the EU member states, Iceland, Croatia, Lichtenstein, Norway, Turkey or the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
  • Duration of the internship: minimum 60 days, maximum 12 months (minus the months Erasmus study / internship - exchange during your current study cycle)
  • For an internship scholarship during 2015 - 2016: it is necessary to apply before you receive your final results. After graduation it is no longer possible to apply for an internship scholarship. The scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis, until the budget is depleted.

How to apply

The application procedure for this scholarship is managed by Reconfirm, the Flemish internship platform for international internship mobility after completion of studies.

Registration happens in the following order:

- Go to www.reconfirm.eu/nl and click students -> online registration -> fill in several fields after which you get access to the application system and can print out and upload the registration form. Do this before the deadline.

- Once you have found an internship placement, complete your application in your personal online application file. This can potentially still be done after the date of your graduation.

Interested? Register before your graduation using this link.

For more information, contact Lieselot Peeters of the international office.

Most international organisations offer the opportunity to do an internship with them for a few months. These internships are mostly unpaid. This, combined with the often high cost of living in the cities where these organisations are located, constitutes a serious financial obstacle to acquiring international experience within multilateral organisations. Given that these internships are often the start of a career within international institutions later in life, the Flemish government wants to offer extra opportunities to Flemish students or people who are at the beginning of their career. The internship financing programme contributes to worldwide dissemination of Flemish expertise and the visibility of the Flemish government within international organisations. In addition, it creates a network of contacts for Flemish international policy.

Who is eligible?

The subsidy is meant for candidates who:
- are younger than 35 years old on the starting date of their internship
- have an internship offer from an international organisation
- have obtained a final diploma, at a secondary education institution or higher education institution, financed or subsidised by the Flemish government


- Candidates themselves are responsible for finding an internship placement. In case the candidate meets the criteria above, the candidate can submit an electronic subsidy request to the International Department Flanders. The subsidy request has to be submitted six months prior to the internship at the earliest, and one day before the start of the internship at the latest.

- The request for a subsidy should be made by means of the application form which, together with the required annexes, should be sent to: stages@vlaanderen.be

Which costs qualify for a subsidy?

- costs related to travel to and from the place of internship: reimbursed with a fixed amount (€200 within Europe, €500 outside Europe), excluding internships in Belgium.
- living costs: calculations are on the basis of a fixed monthly amount depending on the destination.

More information: http://www.vlaanderen.be/int/en/flanders-trainee-programme