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What is a learning account?

The learning account was introduced in 2008-2009. It means that when a student registers for the first time, he/she receives 140 ECTS credits.

Students use these ECTS credits to "pay" for programmes. At the end of the academic year, they then earn back these credits with credits awarded for successfully completed programme components.

Get more information on the website of the Flemish government.

Would you like to view the balance of your learning account?

After registration at http://www.studentenportaal.be/, students can consult their learning account balance and movements.

Learning account and registration at Hasselt University. (Education Regulations Article 3.8)

Applications of prospective students with an insufficient learning account balance will first be subject to a thorough evaluation.

Students enrolling at UHasselt for the first time

Students re-enroling at UHasselt

If a student with an insufficient learning account balance is granted approval for registration, the student must pay increased tuition fees for the ECTS credits he or she lacks.