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MRS/E-MRS University Chapter

MRS/E-MRS University Chapter

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Understanding how materials are put together, or how they can be used, how they can be changed, how they can be improved—or creating new materials that have never existed before—that’s materials science. From the Stone Age to today’s nanotech era, the quality and even length of our lives have always depended on our ability to manipulate materials around us.

As such, the Materials Research Society (MRS) was established in 1973 by a visionary group of scientist who shared the belief that their professional interests were broader in scope than existing single-discipline societies, appealing for an advanced interdisciplinary organisation. Followed with the foundation of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) in 1983 by like-minded scientist, the MRS/E-MRS has become a vastly growing and member-driven organisation of currently 20,000 materials researchers from academia, industry and government—now established as a recognised leader in the advancement of interdisciplinary research worldwide.

MRS/E-MRS members hail from a broad spectrum of STEM (physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics) fields, spanning membership over 90 countries. Setting an environment for collaboration and open exchange of ideas across all scientific disciplines, the society targets multilateral projects as a global enterprise with the ultimate goal to advance materials that improve society. This increasingly advancing cross-disciplinary worldwide activity in materials research also manifests itself every year in the preeminent bi-annual Fall- and Spring Meetings organised both in the U.S. and Europe. With cutting-edge research at the heart of the meetings, the bi-annual gatherings provide a glimpse into the future of material science, amongst distinguished and high-level scientists.

The tremendous growth and success of MRS/E-MRS is a result of the exceptional member input and the energetic efforts of many volunteers. Offering their precious time, their spirit, their passion, their expertise and above all their unique perspectives for the betterment of the materials community worldwide, these contributions embody the framework upon which this global society continues to flourish. Dreaming of a world with a stable environment, and abundant and clean energy and water, this international interdisciplinary materials venture considers all demographics and geographic regions, committing to endeavours in the broad spectrum of materials research serving the scientific community, with the fundamental purpose of advancing global sustainability