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Master in Transportation Sciences by distance learning

Master in Transportation Sciences by distance learning

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A master programme for practitioners with a unique international profile

In our master programme you have two options: study full-time at Hasselt University or combine your master studies with a job in our flexible distance learning programme.

The Master of Transportation Sciences by distance learning is specifically tailored to the needs of practitioners who want to earn a specialised qualification and broaden their knowledge and work experience in the rapidly changing transportation field. The programme has a pronounced international orientation. Students from all over Europe join this programme and the exchange of experience and knowledge between the international student group brings added value to the course.

The programme is taught by internationally renowned professors from Hasselt University's Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) and other leading European universities, e.g. the course "In-Depth Crash Investigation" is taught in cooperation with dr. Andrew Morris and dr. Richard Frampton of the University of Loughborough (UK) and the course "Intelligent Transport Systems" is taught in cooperation with the university of Maribor (Slovenia). A guided study visit abroad (such as in 2013 to Denmark and Sweden) is also organised to experience first-hand some of the best practices in traffic safety measures and mobility planning world-wide.  

Made to measure for professionals who want to combine job and studies

The content and the degree of the programme are equal to the full-time programme, but the courses are organized in such a way that students are able to combine a job with their studies. The courses are grouped so practitioners only have to attend one week of lessons per semester on campus. The internship and master thesis can be carried out at your place of employment, so you will already benefit from your studies in practice while still earning your degree.

The distance learning programme can be completed at your own pace and for every module that you complete, a certificate can be requested. The full programme can be completed in 3 and a half years, including the preperatory programme, the internship and the master thesis.