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The Flemish Doctoral Schools organize a Masterclass on “Flow Chemistry”. In this Masterclass, an introduction to continuous flow synthesis is given by Flemish and international experts in the field.

September 9th, 2014 (9.30 - 18.00)

In recent years, continuous flow synthesis has become an important technique in chemical synthesis. While classically being a technique for upscaling of chemical production, flow synthesis becomes more and more also a tool for lab-scale synthesis screening of reactions. Especially the advent of miniaturized microreactors has led to a profound change in how chemical reactions are carried out. Flow application allows fast optimization of reaction conditions with minute amounts of reagents. At the same time, also access is given to synthesis of materials at significant scale due to continuous operation. Flow processes benefit from improved heat and mass transfer of the reactors, thus allowing to work under conditions conventionally not accessible. Also, upscaling of reactions from milligram to kilogram scale can be easily reached with reactors on laboratory scale.
Flow chemistry marks a paradigm shift in the sense that it requires “rethinking” of synthesis procedures and reconsideration of old beliefs under which conditions certain reactions can be carried out. This masterclass aims at giving an introduction to flow chemistry in general and to provide a solid basis for application of the technique to a broad range of chemical reactions. Lectures on fundamentals as well as on state-of-the-art flow chemistry research will be given. Additionally, registered users will get the opportunity to present their own research in a poster session.

The workshop is directed to Phd students and postdocs from Flemish universities, but also students from other neighboring universities are welcome.  The workshop is ideally suited for Phd students working with or planning to work with continuous flow techniques. Background knowledge in flow techniques is not required. Registration is free for academic participants. Registrations of industrial participants are welcome, but incur a small registration fee to cover costs.

There is no registration fee for academic participants, though registration is obliged before September 1, 2014, using the links below. The number of academic participants is not unlimited. The registration fee for industrial partners is 25 € and must be transferred before September 1st to the bank account 432-0016591-50 (IBAN: BE86 4320 0165 9150; BIC CODE (SWIFT): KREDBE  BB) with “Masterclass Flow_Surname_Name” as reference.

Registration for UHasselt members: https://uhintra1.uhasselt.be/activiteitenpersoneel/inschrijven.aspx?activiteit=2728

Registration for non-UHasselt members: https://uhintra3.uhasselt.be/inschrijvingactiviteiten/inschrijven.aspx?school=0&doelgroep=3&activiteit=2728

The workshop will take place at Hasselt University, Campus Diepenbeek, Agoralaan Building D. The campus can be reached from Hasselt train station by taxi or bus. Parking at the campus is free of charge.

Contact information
  * Practical information: stefanie.kerkhofs@uhasselt.bethomas.junkers@uhasselt.be
  * Workshop information: thomas.junkers@uhasselt.be, Leen.Thomassen@kuleuven.be, Chris.Stevens@UGent.be

Invited international speakers
  * Kerry Gilmore (Max Planck Institute for Colloids, Potsdam)
  * Ian Baxendale (University of Durham)
  * Klaus Hellgardt (Imperial College)

More detailed information about the program is available here

  * Thomas Junkers (UHasselt)
  * Leen Thomassen (KU Leuven)
  * Chris Stevens (UGent)