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RCEF aims at performing excellent research, academic as well as applied. Unfortunately, the available governmental means and the funding through contract research are not sufficient to continually improve our performance in order to reach this goal in an outstanding way. That’s why your support, as individual or as company, is highly appreciated!

For more information on becoming a RCEF partner, you can contact Ilse Cretskens. A general overview on all the possibilities of donating within the university can be found on www.uhasselt.be/universiteitsfonds.

Foundation by name

Stimulating research within a domain of your interest is possible by establishing a foundation by name. You decide how your money is invested! A fund allows individual donors or companies to set up a continuous stream of support toward a chosen project and to stay closely involved in the project. It has a clear objective and a specific name, chosen by the donor.

Academic chair

By creating an academic chair, academic research is encouraged and talented professors and researchers can be attracted. An academic chair links you to RCEF and gives national and worldwide reputation on the related research domain. A chair, which is associated with the donor’s name, can be funded either by private individuals or by an organization or company.
An academic chair includes a commitment of three to five years. During this period, the financier is frequently informed on the status of the project. An academic chair gives impulses to the research domains Family Firms and Innovation by seminars, support on scientific research, organized debates, ...

Free donation

It is also possible to donate money to the RCEF research institute in order to encourage development and diffusion of family business and innovation knowledge in general (free donation).
A donation or gift of more than 40 euros results in a tax advantage for individuals. Also for companies there is a tax advantage.

Sponsoring is a cooperation between two or more parties focused on mutual advantages. It’s an appropriate solution when a well-defined return is expected by the financier. This can be in the form of publicity, presence on events, logo entry, … A contract is drawn up in order to formalize this return. In this type of commitment, VAT needs to be paid.

Several predefined packages are offered by Hasselt University. An interesting option is investing in a PhD scholarship. You support junior or senior scientists in family business and innovation research. As a company, you are associated with a specific topic, the RCEF research institute and Hasselt University.


A legacy is a donation by testament. Amongst several types of legacies, a duo inheritance is very popular. The technic is opportune when beneficiaries have to pay high death-duties. It creates a win-win situation for RCEF and the beneficiaries.