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The FWO uses its Research Projects programme to promote fundamental scientific research in all disciplines.


  • For this funding programme, the FWO provides funding for the recruitment of research staff and technicians and for equipment and consumables related to the research project.

  • The research projects have a duration of a maximum of four years (exceptionally extended (max. 2 years)).

  • For each project, and in the case of an interuniversity project, for each host institution, one can apply for €45.000 till €130.000 each year for research staff and consumables. If one of the partners only applies for consumables, the minimum budget for these consumables can be lowered to €20.000. In addition, max. € 150.000 can be requested for equipment. The amount requested during the first year has to be equal or higher compared with the funds applied for during the other years.  


  • The promotor must be an independent academic staff member (ZAP) with at least a 10% appointment, while the co-promotors  have to be researchers of at least postdoctoral level affiliated to a Flemish university or research institute.

  • A researcher can act as (co-)promotor for max. 2 projects per application round. Promotors who were awarded an FWO-project, should wait one application round before applying again.

The annual final submission deadline is 1 April at 5 pm. If this date falls on a weekend, it is moved to the following Monday at 5pm. Please note that 1 April is the final submission date for the research coordination office and we need sufficient time to validate the proposals internally. Therefore each university imposes an internal deadline to their researchers (when they are promotor).  The internal UHasselt deadline will be communicated annually by the research coordination office.

More information?
Contact Hasselt University: Ilse Haeldermans
Or on the website of the FWO