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Discover the sports on offer and the sports benefits for students in Limburg at Student sports Limburg

You can follow our online classes at the website of Student sports Limburg

To use the offer, to buy a (digital) sports card and to register for the activities, we suggest you get the Studentensport Limburg app (available for IOS and Android from September 2020). The sports card costs €25 for the academic year and can be refunded partially by your health insurance. With the sports card you can use the benefits of free access in the swimming pool Kapermolen and the ice ring Schaverdijn (from the start of the academic year till 30 June), free access for the activities of the fixed evening program and reductions for initiations, etc...
For more information you can contact the sport coordinators:
Katleen De Wit
Martine Libens

Around the Earth by foot! Join the group of your educational organization!

Which educational organization is the fastest to collect enough steps to step from Hasselt to the equator, to round the earth and to step back to the campus in Diepenbeek (51.438 KM)?

Start of the competition:

Friday 13th November 2020

End of the competition:

Sunday 20th December 2020

How to participate?

  •  go to 10000stappen.be
  •  set the language on English click ‘EN’
  •  click on ‘register’
  •  fill out your personal information and click on ‘register your profile’
  •  go to login and enter your username and password

To register your steps, it is best to use the health app on your smartphone; download the app ‘10000 stappen’ and link it to the health app of your smartphone.

  •  your steps will be automatically uploaded in your profile or can be refreshed by clicking on the ‘+’ -button and then use the ‘refresh’-button
  •  you can also add other activities, for example 10 minutes of biking equals 1 500 steps
  •  join your group (this is your school)
  •  click on ‘find groups’ give in the name of your group (Universiteit Hasselt) the category is educational organizations
  •  click on ‘join’
  •  your steps will be registered for the challenge
  •  if you do not want others to see how much steps you are doing, you can set your profile on private via the settings, your steps will be counted but your name will not be visible

Motivate your roommates, colleagues and friends to join the challenge!!

Win with your educational organization the race around the world!!

If you have further questions please contact sport@uhasselt.be

VSSF (Flemish Student Sports Federation)

Our university is a member of the student sports federation, which organises competitions in individual and team sports between various university colleges and universities.
During the 2016 -2017 academic year, Student Sports Limburg won the Belgian national volleyball championship! 

Would you like to join one of our teams? Then contact your sport coordinator, and he or she will give you the necessary information!

more information about the VSSF


Hasselt Student Regatta

An invigorating rowing competition in the spirit of Oxford - versus Cambridge, a fun and exciting programme and some R & R (rest and relaxation) afterwards in the regatta village! 

Can you see yourself sitting in the Universitas (our boat) as one of the new favourites and are you willing to give it all you've got during training (every Sunday), starting in October / November? Then apply to one of the sports coordinators or talk to one of our team members...

more information about the regatta and at Facebook