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Life on campus

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You can visit social services only by appointment!
As a UHasselt student you can make an appointment with social services via this appointment link
This appointment can take place:
ONLINE: for available moments check the appointment link
GENERAL GUIDELINE: given that it concerns personal information, it is required that the student is present at the appointment.
Laptop on Loan

If you are a student in a very exceptional and temporary situation which makes it impossible for you to purchase a laptop, you may be entitled to a laptop on loan from UHasselt for a certain period of time.

You can find the application form for a laptop on loan in your student file.

Liesbeth Huber | social worker

E: socialedienst@uhasselt.be
T: 011 26 80 64
GSM: + 32(0) 0483 60 41 67  

You can turn to these UHasselt Services for the following information:

  • Do you want to rent and a room and you wish for more information? Contact our Student Housing Service
  • Do you come by bus and/or train to UHasselt and are you looking for a bike? contact our Getting Around Service to find out if you are entitled to a contribution in your public transport pass and/or can hire bike via UHasselt
  • Instalment/delay tuition fee. It’s not possible to pay your tuition fee with a delay or in instalments. UHasselt already provides the possibility to pay the tuition fee within 4 months starting from the send date of the 1st invoice (mid november) until sending the last reminder with a deadline of March 1st, 2021 as last payment due date. For more information regarding the payment of your tuition fee, contact our Student Administration Service