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Life on campus

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As a UHasselt student you can make an appointment with social services via this appointment link
This appointment can take place:
ONLINE: for available moments check the appointment link
ON CAMPUS: for available moments and location, check the the appointment link
GENERAL GUIDELINE: given that it concerns personal information, it is required that the student is present at the appointment, as well when the appointment takes place ON CAMPUS as ONLINE.
GUIDELINE APPOINTMENT ON CAMPUS: the student comes alone to the appointment.  Please come at the agreed time of the appointment. Too early? We ask you to wait outdoors and come back at the agreed time of the appointment

Liesbeth Huber | social worker

Philip Swerts  |  staff Member

E: socialedienst@uhasselt.be
T: 011 26 80 64
GSM: + 32(0) 0483 60 41 67  

You can turn to these UHasselt Services for the following information:

  • Do you want to rent and a room and you wish for more information? Contact our Student Housing Service
  • Do you come by bus and/or train to UHasselt and are you looking for a bike? contact our Getting Around Service to find out if you are entitled to a contribution in your public transport pass and/or can hire bike via UHasselt
  • Instalment tuition fee. It’s not possible to pay your tuition fee with instalments. UHasselt already provides the possibility to pay the tuition fee within 4 months starting from the send date of the 1st invoice (mid november) until sending the last reminder with a deadline of March 1st, 2021 as last payment due date. For more information regarding the payment of your tuition fee, contact our Student Administration Service