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from 7 to 11 September 2015

In this Summerschool on Functional Coating an academic view on the complete value chain is envisaged. On the first day, lectures from experts on materials and synthesis will guide you through the chemical variety of materials to be used for diverse functional coatings. The second day will focus on the applications that can be prepared from these materials. Again, very skilled speakers will cover the field from Organic Photovoltaïcs towards biosensors. On the 3th day, hands-on labs will be foreseen! Also chemical and physical characterization cannot be excluded! This will be covered on the 4th day. On the last day, for the last part of the value chain, different industrial applications are shown. Lecturers from Sirris, Centexbel and German contributors will present their applications and techniques which are very close to the industrial market.


Day 1 (Bio)-polymers, ceramic materials and synthesis of polymeric materials
Day 2 Printing and coating, organic photovoltaics and biosensors
Day 3 Hands-on lab
Day 4 Chemical and Physical Characterization, lab-tour and social activity
Day 5 Industrial applications such as the use of cells, textile as a substrate and self-cleaning applications