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Program Management Team

Virginie Bito, Paul Dendale, Wilfried Mullens, Mark Hendrikx.

Coordinator: Virginie Bito








The overall objective of the cardiology domain aims to develop a new domain of expertise within BIOMED. By developing its own research area focusing on AGE-RAGE interaction and its involvement on cardiac and renal dysfunction, in tight collaboration with the main hospitals in Limburg (Jessa ziekenhuis and ZOL Genk), the domain aims to explore and test new therapeutic targets in animal models as well as in patients.

The research conducted in the domain will be achieved in close collaboration with other groups within BIOMED who can provide specific expertise in complementary areas than cardiology alone.  Because this domain is a multidisciplinary domain, including the joint efforts of biologists and medical doctors with a broad range of expertise (in vivo as well as in vitro expertise), this domain has the ambition to become a center of excellence for exploring relation between heart and kidneys in heart failure patients, translating the knowledge acquired in the institute from bench to bedside and back. This general strategy will increase visibility of BIOMED within the cardiology field.

Besides of expanding our own research expertise, strategies are developed to cooperate with the pharmaceutical industry at one hand and other established research groups within the field of cardiology on the other hand.


Specific research focus

Develop its own research area in the cardiology field, combining in vivo research together with cellular (in vitro) research

Identify AGE accumulation and AGE-RAGE interaction and it involvement in heart failure, in animal models as well as in patients. A better knowledge of this new research area could potentially offer new therapeutic targets for patients

Complement the research conducted in the hospitals (Jessa and ZOL) with specific animal models developed in BIOMED, bringing BIOMED to a central and unifying position